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Stanford Fraser

Stanford's Story

Stanford Fraser is a Public Defender in Prince George’s County and lives with his wife, Michele Hall, in Largo Maryland. He graduated from Howard University, in 2013, where he studied History and Community Development. At Howard, Stanford volunteered with Amnesty International in their Repeal the Maryland Death Penalty campaign. As a volunteer, Stanford organized college students in DC and led protests and lobby sessions in Annapolis. Thankfully, Maryland repealed the death penalty in 2013.

Education & Beyond
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After graduating from Howard, with honors, he attended Harvard Law School. At Harvard, he spent his second and third years representing

low-income tenants and homeowners facing eviction in Boston Housing Court. In this work Stanford would coordinate with community groups to have Harvard Law students provide legal advice at community meetings.


After graduating law school, Stanford clerked for the Honorable Judge McDonald of the Maryland Court of Appeals. As a law clerk, Stanford helped write and shape Maryland law. Since August 2017, he has worked as a public defender in the county representing individuals who could not afford to pay for a lawyer. During his time as a public defender, Stanford has tried over 100 criminal cases and has represented thousands of clients. Additionally, Stanford has testified in Annapolis on various bills such as legislation to ban no knock warrants, decriminalize personal possession of drugs, and require police officers to wear body cameras.


In the County, Stanford is an active member of various community groups. He is a member of the J Franklin Bourne Bar Association, Prince George’s County Young Democrats, and Progressive Maryland.  Furthermore, he is a regular volunteer with Community Legal Services Of Prince George’s County. With Community Legal Services, Stanford has participated in numerous criminal record expungement fairs throughout the county.




Against Self Serving  Redistricting 

Over 150 County residents spoke out against the self serving redistricting plan introduced by some Council members. Despite this strong opposition, a majority of the council voted in favor of their self serving redistricting plan. Let's send a message to the council that politics is about public service- not self service. 


Eliminate Secret Zoning Amendments 

County Council members periodically attempt to rezone areas for mixed use activities without notice to nearby residents. Stanford is dedicated to ending this practice by adding greater transperency to the County Council


Climate Action Plan

Stanford is dedicated to creating green infrastructure and protecting our tree canopy. We can reduce polution by adding more sidewalks, bike lanes, and busing infrastructure. And we must eliminate sprawl development that is destroying our green spaces. As a Sierra Club endorsed candidate, Stanford is dedicated to passing and implementing the proposed Climate Action Plan. 

The ACLU Lawsuit & Civil Settlements 

In 2021, it was revealed that the County paid $26 million defending a discrimination lawsuit against our police department. In 2020, we paid $20 million to the family of a man who was fatally shot by a County Police Officer. These financial payouts take away county funds needed to improve our school system and increase home ownership. Stanford will clean up these issues as a member of the County Council. 


Against Property Tax Increases

As Prince Georgians fight against numerous challenges during the covid pandemic, members of the County Council attempted to raise our property taxes. Stanford was one of many advocates against that proposal and he will continue to advocate against property tax increases as a council member.

About Me
My Policies





Policing Accountability

Less that 10% of 911 calls are for ongoing violent offenses. Jurisdictions across the country have successfully created first responder units made up of paramedics, nurses, and social workers to respond to mental and public health calls for service. This frees up police officers to respond to incidents that harm the public safety while allowing residents to get the help they need. Stanford will help create and expand these health based first responders here in Prince George's. 


Vision Zero

Unfortunately. Prince George's County has the highest pedestrian fatality rates in the DMV. Stanford is committed to creating a County that is safe for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike. 

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